Six Sentence Sunday June 12

Oh nooooo! I think my original post for Six Sentence Sunday confused people. It makes the book sound scary, and it's not. Guess that's what happens when you post something out of context. I'm updating the post with this instead. Next week I'll be more careful:

"He leaned in and I stood on my tippy toes, he tilted my head back with his big hands, and then his lips were on me: firm, strong, wet. Just a little pressure at first and then the hint of a tongue, and then, (dear God I do believe in you!) choirs were singing and pulsing and jumping and…oops…not a choir, that was my clitoris. Easy to get that confused sometimes.

He kissed me so long and deep and unhurried, that I felt it in my toes. It was a kiss full of promise of what was to come, and I mean, come, yes that kind, of promised pleasures, but it seemed to hint at something else. It seemed to promise…I don’t know…a future."


The original post:

My entry this week comes from "Blunder Woman" published by Champagne Books. In this snippet Chloe, her friend Megan, and her mom show up at a party thrown by Chloe's obsession, Matt:

“What is this place? Where are all the men?” Megan and I clutched each other, sort of like we would if we were walking alone in the woods on a night an ax murderer was loose.

Mom said (a little too loudly), “It’s like the retirement home...all chicks.”

There were women everywhere: standing in the grass, on the sidewalk, leaning up against Matt’s car. Then I got a glimpse at his front window and there were more women inside, and silhouettes of curvy bods in the kitchen.


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