Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday

“Gawd,” Megan breathed, trying to hoist the enormous menu up in front of her eyes. “I’ve heard that everything is bigger in the north…” She paused mid-sentence as our waiter materialized next to Megan.

She turned her head and was nose to, well, let’s just say, our waiter’s lower waist...midsection....below the the side of the leg.

Oh, for crying out loud, Megan’s nose almost touched our waiter’s dick (which was in his pants of course).

“Case in point,” Mom said and motioned to our waiter.

From "Blunder Woman" by Tanya Eby published by Champagne Books.

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Six Sentence Sunday June 12

Oh nooooo! I think my original post for Six Sentence Sunday confused people. It makes the book sound scary, and it's not. Guess that's what happens when you post something out of context. I'm updating the post with this instead. Next week I'll be more careful:

"He leaned in and I stood on my tippy toes, he tilted my head back with his big hands, and then his lips were on me: firm, strong, wet. Just a little pressure at first and then the hint of a tongue, and then, (dear God I do believe in you!) choirs were singing and pulsing and jumping and…oops…not a choir, that was my clitoris. Easy to get that confused sometimes.

He kissed me so long and deep and unhurried, that I felt it in my toes. It was a kiss full of promise of what was to come, and I mean, come, yes that kind, of promised pleasures, but it seemed to hint at something else. It seemed to promise…I don’t know…a future."


The original post:

My entry this week comes from "Blunder Woman" published by Champagne Books. In this snippet Chloe, her friend Megan, and her mom show up at a party thrown by Chloe's obsession, Matt:

“What is this place? Where are all the men?” Megan and I clutched each other, sort of like we would if we were walking alone in the woods on a night an ax murderer was loose.

Mom said (a little too loudly), “It’s like the retirement home...all chicks.”

There were women everywhere: standing in the grass, on the sidewalk, leaning up against Matt’s car. Then I got a glimpse at his front window and there were more women inside, and silhouettes of curvy bods in the kitchen.


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Six Sentence Sunday June 5

Last week, I forgot to sign up for Six Sentence Sunday, and man, what a downer. I like this game of posting six sentences from a published or work-in-progress novel, getting comments, and reading other entries and giving them comments. It feels really supportive. Like a good bra, but in written form.

Here's my Six for this week. It's from the opening pages of "Blunder Woman".

I probably would have been a lesbian if it weren’t for the whole vagina thing. Not that I liked women sexually…although after a few gin & tonics everybody pretty much looked like my potential soul mate. No, it was more that I was sick and tired of the drama with men, or to be more exact, I was sick and tired of the drama with Matt M. Or as I call him: Mmm for short. I mean, how could I love him for nearly two years and have nothing to show for it? What was I waiting for?

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Six Sentence Sunday 5/29/11

“Amy, that man is staring at you,” Peter said.

Amy shifted in her seat and refused to look at Graham.

Even not looking at him, she was aware of how the tuxedo fit every curve of him.

She imagined, briefly, unsnapping the buttons and tucking her hand beneath the smooth white fabric to trace the hair of his chest, to burrow her fingertips in it.

Well, not exactly burrow, he wasn’t a Sasquatch, but the idea of tracing the line of his clavicle then working her way under his shirt to touch the swell of his chest and then his nipple…

“Why, Amy, now you’re staring at him!”

From “Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage”

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Six Sentence Sunday 5/22/2011

They clicked beers and began reading.

hi lady you look really hot why don’t we get nakey?

"Oh my God, Jules, this guy wants to get nakey with you. He wants to get utterly nakey!!”

“No way. I don’t even get nakey with myself.”


*Six sentences from "Easy Does It" by Tanya Eby. See last week's posting too.


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Six Sentence Sunday 5/15/2011

Five hours after Julie posted her ad, she awoke still sitting at her computer. There was a paperclip stuck to her forehead and an empty wine bottle next to her. She picked the paperclip off her forehead and slowly dragged the cursor over the screen.

114 messages.

Then Julie saw what she'd done. “Young Treasure Seeks Seaman on Love’s Sea” became (with the help of her computer’s thesaurus and a fourth glass of merlot): “Easy Lady Requests Guy with Two Socks.”

From "Easy Does It" by Tanya Eby

Six Sentence Sunday 5/8/2011

When Mrs. Welch heard the screaming, she didn't think much of it. She was mixing scones in the kitchen, adding currants and a dash of almond extract. No one in northern Michigan really liked scones, they were too dry and bland for their sweetened palates, but Mrs. Welch was trying to run an authentic B&B and B&B's served scones.

At any rate, she was mixing the currants into the flour with a fork, thinking that little currants look disturbingly like mouse turds, when she heard the screeching. If she were forced to describe it (and she might to the police should the shrieking continue), she would have to say that the screeching sounded like the roar of a beached sea creature that longed to return to the sea.

That or a cat in heat.

This "Six Sentence Sunday" is from "Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage". It's a mystery with a little bit of sex and a whole lot of funny. This is my second entry. Last week was so fun I had to try it again.

Six Sentence Sunday 5/1/2011

And it was at that precise moment that the florid man with the enormous eyebrows made a peculiar sound like “Hrrrrrrrrrr”, clutched his chest, and pitched forward, straight into a rather large slice of prime rib that was so rare it seemed to be still pulsing with life.

The man, however, was not pulsing, with life or anything. In that brief moment, he was knocked stone cold dead.

“Well, I never!” cried Melody, as if angered that the man dared to behave so poorly at the dinner table.

Pepper Wellington jumped up, took the man’s pulse, and shook her head. “He never will either,” she said. “He’s expired, I’m afraid.”




From "Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage" by Tanya Eby